Astypalaia, Greece

Astypalaia (pronounced as ‘asti–pa–le-a’), was the sister of Europa, and had two sons with Poseidon, the God of the Sea: Ankaio, King of Samos and Eurypylus, King of Kos and one of the Argonauts. The island was first inhabited in the 2nd millennium BC by Kares, who called it Pyrra (fire), because the soil was red. At a later stage, the Cretans and Minoans also settled in the island. In the classical era, there were many temples on the island and it appears to have been a prosperous island – as there are many offerings to the Goddess Athena. The ancient Greeks called the island, the “Table of Gods” because it was covered with fruits and flowers.

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Astypalaia can deal with the following activities:

  • Swimming: The island is full of moorages that hide many beautiful beaches.
  • Diving: If you love diving, the rich underwater world of the island can offer you a fantastic experience.
  • Fishing: It is considered an ideal destination for fishing, as a passag

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