Kea, Greece

Kea, which owes its name in antiquity from the hero Keos, is the island of the Cyclades group closest to Attica and Athens.

How to get there


To arrive at Lavrion from Athens take the motorway Attiki Odos to the Airport Eleftherios Venizelos. Then take direction Airport-Markopoulo. At one point it is indicated right to the Airport and straight to Markopoulo. Follow the main sign to Markopoulo. (If you come from the Airport go towards Athens/All directions then,

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The most important settlements of the island are the capital Ioulis, the port Korissia and the fishing village Vourcari.

Ioulis (or Chora), 6 km from the port, is built along the slopes of a hill on the northern side of the island. It is a traditional settlement with narrow streets, where no cars are allowed. Stroll around and have

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Cyclades, Greece

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