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We take all necessary precautions to ensure the Protection of personal data and of confidentiality.
What are the personal data collected by "My Greek-Villa"?


Data of personal character are data which allow us to identify in unique manner a person or to contact him/her. It might be that you will provide us with information at different moments. For example, in the framework of asking information or requesting to renting a villa and/or acquiring services.

"My Greek-Villa" will thus collect a series of information. It is mainly information which allow us to identify you: name and surname, telephone number, postal and electronic addresses, fax number and information of your credit card. This data is obligatory for the treatment of your request and if you refuse to communicate it to us we will not be able to proceed to your request.

If you use social networks on the Site, the providers of the social networks could send us information according to their policies. These informations might include personal information such as your name, your profile photo, your sex, your list of friends and all other information that you have decided to put at their disposal.

If you decide to oppose at this sharing of data, you can do it by modifying the parameters/preferences of your accounts with the providers of the social networks in question. This data is strictly confidential and are not transmitted to third parties, with the exception of judicial requisition or official request by an authorized authority.

Use of your personal data

Data collected allow "My Greek-Villa" to respond, at a first stage to your request for information on a villa, cost estimate and/or at the point of conclusion of a contract for a service. "My Greek-Villa" collects this data in order to provide you with the services you have requested.

The conservation and the treatment of the data enumerated above respond to the following objectives:

  • To put you in contact with the persons with whom you will have to deal. For example the owner of the rented villa, the person responsible for car rental, the person responsible to provide serviced during the rental period.
  • To offer you last minute promotions on these services.
  • To allow us to develop and ameliorate these products and services.
  • To manage commercial relations.
  • To constitute and manage the files of the clients and prospects.

There is the possibility to refuse that private data is used for commercial purposes. As with other personal data this data is exclusively used in conformity with the dispositions of the law on the protection of private life.

Disclosure to third parties

"My Greek-Villa" could give some of the personal data to partners, providers of services and sub contractors of these services. We share your information with the third parties who provide our products and services: (owner of the villa, car rental, services at the place of the villa etc.). We demand that our partners are committed to respect the Privacy Policy, to protect this data and not use it for their proper benefit/account.

This data is strictly confidential with exception of judicial requisition or request by an empowered authority.

Conservation/storing of data of personal character

The data concerning your request are stored in a data base. We keep your personal information as long as it is necessary, as specified by the laws in force. We take care to maintain and preserve the integrity and the accuracy of your personal information.

You can at any moment request that your personal data is removed.

The protection of data

We take all administrative, technical and physical precautions to avoid the non authorized or illegal treatment of your information, to protect your personal data against: loss, theft or bad use as well as against the non-authorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. However despite all precautions that "My Greek-Villa" implements, Internet is never 100% secure.


"MyGreek-Villa" could occasionally use cookies to elaborate statistics relative to the audience of its site and the activities of the surfers on its site. A cookie does not permit in any case to identify you and disappears at every cleaning of your temporary files. You can refuse the use of cookies using the tab "tool" of your navigator and then use the tab allowing you to manage the confidentiality or the preferences of navigation.

How to contact us

We allow our user to modify or to update the information that you have provided.

If you wish that certain informations concerning your personal data are modified and/or deleted you can contact us at the following adresses: My Greek-Villa, 16 Place de l’Université, 1348 Louvain La Neuve, Belgique; tél.: +32.483.47.10.20; e-mail: [email protected]

Intellectual property

All the intellectual property rights relative to this internet site, its contents, its form as well as the informations, names, abbreviations and logos present in this site are the property of "My Greek-Villa". Access to the site does not imply in any way surrender of the intellectual rights of the site. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, publish in whole or in part the site or informations which are in the site without a previous written authorization.

Relevant law and competent Courts

The access and use of the internet Site are exclusively subject to the Belgian law. In case of litigation relative to the internet site, its contents or its use only the Belgian Courts are competent.


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