Alonissos, Greece

Alonissos (Liadromia) is a picturesque green island of the Northern Sporades, in the Agean Sea, which covers an area of 64 square kilometers. The rest of the area, of 80 sq. km is covered by the following small islands that surround it (Peristera 16 sq. km, Kyra-Panagia 25 sq. km, Gioura 14 sq. km, Skantzoura 12 sq. km, Piperi 8 sq. km, Psathoura 1 sq. km, Dio Adelfi 3 sq. km etc).

How to get there

During the winter months independent travel to Alonissos means a scheduled flight to Athens followed by an internal flight to Skiathos, 4 - 5 hour train or coach journey (3 hours with private car) to Volos or a 2 hour coach journey to Agios Konstantinos. There are ferries and hydrofoils to Alonissos from both Volos and Agios Konstantinos alt

What we love the most

The Old Town (Chora)dates back to the Byzantine period in history and was the original capital of the island before the houses were destroyed by the disastrous earthquake of 1965. As with all hilltop Chora's the houses are knitted together with an intricate network of narrow paths and lanes that were originally designed to make li

Geographical location

Northern Sporades, Greece

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