Skopelos, Greece

Skopelos is an island of the western Aegean, one of the Northen Sporades group of islands in the middle between Skiathos to the west and Alonissos to the east. It can be reached in several ways. It is just a short ferry journey from the nearest airport on Skiathos. Ferries link it to the mainland port of Volos, whose airport also receives international flights in summer. Ferries run between the Sporades islands to Agios Konstantinos on the mainland, Kymi on Evvia, and Thessaloniki

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Skopelos island is part of the Northern Sporades chain of islands. It sits in the North Western Aegean sea just off the East coast of mainland Greece.

As officially the greenest of the Greek islands. Part of the appeal of the island is that it doesn’t have an airport. This means that ultimately getting to

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What Skopelos lacks in ruins, museums and art galleries, it more than makes up for with monasteries. There are dozens scattered around the island, including perhaps 10 on Mount Palouki alone. Each monastery comprises suntrap courtyards, a dusky chapel filled with glittering icons and intricate altar line

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Northern Sporades, Greece
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