Santorini, Greece

One of the most famous destinations in Greece, Santorini is the southern-most island of the Cyclades group. Served by an international airport, it is also the favorite destination of cruises.

How to get there


There are several charter companies that fly here from many places in Europe. The others will have to pass through Athens' airport. Olympic Airways and Aegean Airlines fly frequently from Athens to Santorini (says Thera on the itineraries). Book early as flight quickly fill up in the

What we love the most

Sunset in Oia

Popular and fantastic yet a must live experience in Santorini. Watching the sunset in Oia is a truly memorable and full of feelings moment in Santorini. From the castle of Oia (the most famous spot) or from any part of the traditional settlement of Oia, the sunset here is magical and unforgettable.


Geographical location

Cyclades, Greece

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